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A Handmade Silver Ring

-Martin was commissioned to make a bespoke engagement ring, this was to be in silver, set with a tanzanite and red beryl and to contain a small piece of iron. The iron wasn’t to be visible but had meaning to it.

-After the design was sketched out on paper, Martin built a computer design to show our client. He loved it! The next step was to source the perfect tanzanite, which we did easily. We had great difficulty finding the tiny cabochon cut red beryl, therefore our client supplied his own.

-Martin started with a piece of silver sheet, this was bent into a band shape. Next he briefly sketched the design onto the silver and made individual settings for both stones.

-The silver was cut away from the band, leaving the outline for the design. Next the remaining silver was carved into shape until it was time to solder on the two settings.

-The tiny piece of iron was dropped into a small hole created on the under side of the ring. This was then covered over.

-The stones were positioned into the silver ‘rubover’ settings and set into place.

-At one stage it was discussed whether the ring would have a matt finish or be left shiny. The desired finish was a polished one.

Two stones and silver sheet

The sheet formed into a band shape

Marked out shape for the design

Drilling away the silver to form the required shape

More carving to create the twisted wave profile

A tiny piece of iron dropped into the ring

Settings now soldered into place

Time to set

The completed design

Another view of the bespoke ring

Side on view

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