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Engraving- By Hand Or Machine

-Inscribing on items is a wonderful way of adding that special touch to a gift. It can record a message to remember a special day or person.


-We can engrave on a variety of items, these include - ID bracelets, inside rings and bangles, on pendants, trophies, tankards, pens, lighters, watch cases, plaques, glass and even iPod’s.


-Once we know the wording you would like engraved, we give you a few options, these include -where on the item you would like the engraving and how much of the area would you like it to cover, what style of font to engrave in and how big or small you would like the text to be. We will happily advise you in all these areas and make the decision easy for you.

-Our minimum charge for engraving on a flat surface is £15.

Our minimum charge for engraving on a curve, (tankard, ring, bracelet), is £20.00

Our minimum charges include any style of font, size and can contain a name and date or even a short phrase.


-We can also engrave pictures and portraits on to items, these are priced individually.

-We would like a week to complete this service, but if you need a quicker turn around then we would try our best to complete it within a few days, (depending on our workload at the time).

Our Onsite workshop Services
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