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Handmade Heart Pendant


-A special present was to be hand made by Martin for another regular customer of ours. He had some gold to use and after searching through our suppliers stock brochures we found the perfect design.

-We were to melt his gold down to form one part of a heart and then supply some white gold to create a smaller internal heart. The two hearts were to be soldered together and small diamonds set in the white gold section.

-In the original pendant that was melted down, there was a number of small diamonds, we didn’t feel these would give the heart sparkle so we supplied round brilliant cut diamonds of good quality instead.

-We ordered in a couple of chains for him to choose from and we felt a classic curb chain was right for the job.

-The end result was a beautiful and timeless heart pendant that was specially made for them both.

The chosen design from our silver brochure

Our clients metal to melt and new white gold for the internal heart

The handmade parts, ready for assembling

The completed bespoke heart pendant

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