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Re stringing

-A much needed service, transform an old pearl necklace, maybe an heirloom, and give items a new lease of life, making them wearable again. Restringing can transform a tired string of pearls or beads.


-We carry out almost all of our services onsite but this is one where we use an out worker. Any items you leave with us for restringing (unless on a stretchy thread) will need to be posted to our professional stringer.

-We have been using our particular restringing company for well over 20 years now. They provide a good quality and reasonably priced service. We would insure your items when they are with us and when they are posted away. We take photographs of them and basic dimensions/measurements. 

-Our Bracelet restringing costs start from £20. Necklaces start from £28 for straight strung or from £30 for a knotted option.

-Due to expensive postage costs there and back, we do wait until we have a few items in for restringing. That way we don't pass on any postage costs to you. This could mean that restringing takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Alternatively, if you need a speedy turn around, you are welcome to pay the postage cost if we only have your item to post.

Our Onsite workshop Services
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