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A CAD Designed Diamond Ring

-On this occasion a client approached us to make a ring similar to one she had seen else where. After seeing photos of the design, Martin built his version on our computer design software. We wouldn’t be willing to copy a ring by somebody else but we can produce our own take on the design, incorporating elements that our client loved from the one she had shown to us.

-We were to use our client’s diamond and to supply small diamonds to match the quality of hers. We ensured that the diamond would fit the cast ring by carefully measuring them and building the design with the perfect shaped cut out settings.

-Once she had seen the photograph of the rendered design by Martin and loved it, it was then time to have it cast and hallmarked.

-Once Martins design arrived to us in the form of a casting, he pre polished the ring and then began setting. Firstly he set the smaller diamonds followed by our clients larger centre diamond.

-Once the setting was completed all that was needed was a final polish.

Martins computer built design rendered into a photograph

The casting made from Martins built computer model

The completed ring after being set and polished by Martin

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