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Marlene Wilde - Mum

With over 20 years of dedicated commitment to Martin Wilde Jewellers, Marlene has been a rock to her husband and has helped the family business grow. Before Lian joined the business Marlene had main control with buying stock, shop display, booking in customers’ repairs and general day to day shop roles. Now Marlene has been able to take a little step back and relax as Lian has taken some weight off of her shoulders.

Marlene can be located within the showroom, serving with daughter, Lian. A warm and friendly environment awaits any visitor.

Marlene Wilde

“I couldn’t imagine what life would be like not having our family run business. Our business wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for our loyal and long standing customers. I think it’s great to know how supportive people can be to small local businesses. It’s a wonderful feeling to see familiar faces visit our premises time after time, they become our friends rather than just being a paying customer. I often find myself mentioning to our customers that they shouldn’t feel like they have to spend money every time they visit, they are always welcome to pop in for a friendly chat, sometimes that’s all people need”.

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