Lian Wilde - Daughter

Becoming a member of the family run business in June 2003. Starting out as Saturday help, there was no pressure on Lian to join the business full time but since then she’s not considered leaving.

Lians’ job roles have grown from serving to jewellery buyer, jewellery display, book keeper, organising social media advertising, quotes, material orders, web designer and most recently, jewellery designer!

Lian provides a warm and happy greeting to any customers visiting their shop, something she feels is lacking in retail these days.

“ What young girl who loves diamonds wouldn’t enjoy working in this environment? I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t even consider working for anyone else. We all have our own job roles within our team which enables us to run our business the way that we do. I thank my parents for letting me run the business how I do, no limits (except when I place an order with a jewellery rep). They have allowed my knowledge to grow and for me to experience running the shop as if it were mine. I hope I can encourage our business to grow further in the forthcoming years as I see no need to work anywhere else. A family run business beats any other”