Commission - The Journey : A Step By Step Process

Would you like to know the stages involved when making an item of jewellery?

Here we have selected various items of jewellery made by Martin and photographed from start to finish to help explain what’s involved. Of course every item and method of making requires different stages, but the selection on this page shows examples of melting and making new with sentimental items, as well as one off bespoke pieces with new metal and stones.

Amber & Diamond Ring

Amber and Diamonds set in palladium.

A sculptured mount.

Single Stone Diamond Remodel

A transformed single stone diamond ring into a beautiful multi stone design.

Aqua Marine & Diamond Ring

An 18th birthday present. Inspired by one of our previous Aqua & Diamond rings.

Ruby & Diamond Pendant

A handmade pendant, inspiration taken from a stock piece.

Shaped To Fit Wedding Ring

Old gold melted and made into a diamond set shaped wedding ring.

Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

A stunning ring cast in 18ct white gold. Designed and set by Martin.

Handmade Heart Pendant

A handmade pendant, sentimental gold used as well as new metal.

Existing Diamonds Remounted

Our client’s original diamonds, reset into a new 18ct bespoke mount.

Sapphire & Diamond Ring

A design built by Martin on our Matrix computer programme.