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A Diamond & Leaf Ring Design

-Our client wanted to use her own diamonds and material and remodel it into a new open ring design. We were to use all of the diamonds and to include acorns and leaves around the ring where possible.

-For this commission we were unable to make the ring via the computer aided design route as our client wanted to use her material and only new material can be used for CAD jewellery. With this in mind we thought it would still be a really helpful idea for Martin to build designs on his matrix programme. This way our client can see many versions of the design before any hand making has taken place. This really does give peace of mind to our client as they have seen the layout before it’s made. It’s easier to dislike and therefore change a computer design compared to changing a completed handmade piece of jewellery.

-Martin created many versions of this ring, some very busy and intricate and others simplified and open. After our client had seen all of the designs she knew she was after an open design, not too busy with acorns and leaves. Once she had seen the last design by Martin she gave the ok to go ahead and make the ring, but unlike the photo, she preferred to have white gold edge wires.

-Martin melted down her gold and made settings for the diamonds and the separate leaves. He also made white gold edge wires.

-Once the components had been assembled he set the diamonds and polished the completed design.

One of many designs by Martin, created on our Matrix programme

The second design, showing another layout

Another idea for this design

Another idea for this design

The chosen design on the right

The completed ring, view one

Another view of the completed design

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