A Handmade 18ct Amethyst Pendant

- A large oval amethyst is what our customer presented us with. She also had a design in mind but asked us if Martin had any alternatives. After he saw the idea, he felt there would be no need to change the design as this would be a perfect setting and surround for the amethyst.

-We worked out an estimate to make the pendant design as our customers sketch. Once our client popped back in to see Martin, she decided she would like three different size diamonds instead of them all being the same. Also it was decided that the amethyst wouldn’t be set in claws but with a rubover surround.

-We supplied a new estimate and once we had the go ahead we ordered the diamonds and the white and yellow gold material needed to create the design.

-As Martin was creating the pendant the old fashioned way, by hand, he started to form the gold into the pendant drop shape and individually made each diamond setting.

-Once he had made the body of the pendant and the settings he soldered all parts together and pre polished the pendant. Next it was time for the pendant to be sent off for hallmarking.

-Once it returned, Martin set the diamonds followed by the amethyst. Finally it was polished.

-Martin also made the accompanying chain, this was made out of alternating pieces of white and yellow gold curb chain.