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A Handmade 22ct Ingot

-Our client had some 9ct gold jewellery and also a mixture of 22ct wedding rings handed down through the family. After a brief discussion with what the 9ct gold could create, we decided it would be best to keep the 22ct separate. The 9ct would make a version of one of the 22ct rings, it was to be as wide and as thick. Once we had kept one of the 22ct rings to one side and melted and made a 9ct version of it, we then added it back to the other 22ct rings.

-It was now time to combine all 22ct rings and make an ingot shape. Martin cut out the required shape into sand and once he had heated up the 22ct so that it was in a liquid form, he then poured it into the sand mould.

-We were pleased with the first attempt and after showing our client the size and thickness created from Martins initial mould she was also very pleased.

-So that we didn’t loose much of the 22ct, Martin tidied up a couple of areas by filing and gave it a brief polish.

-It was then posted to the assay office. We asked for an extra large hallmark to be stamped down the entire length of the ingot. This was done perfectly, a very noticeable 916 hallmark.

-Finally Martin polished the ingot to give it extra shine.

The mixture of 22ct wedding rings

The combined 22ct once formed into an ingot shape

The completed 22ct ingot complete with hallmark

The completed 22ct ingot complete with hallmark

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