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A Handmade Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

-Our client supplied their own Aqua Marine and commissioned Martin to hand make a white gold diamond ring mount.

-After planning the design and understanding the dimensions and the size of diamonds that would be needed to compliment the Aqua Marine, it was then time to hand make each part of the ring. The head, under bezel and base of the ring. When each part was completed, they were soldered together and pre polished.

-Once made, Martin drilled into the material to create perfect settings for each of the diamonds. When he was happy with the setting areas, he ensured all parts were perfectly soldered together.

-The next step was to hand set all of the diamonds, followed by the Aqua Marine.

-The final and one of the most important stages was to hand polish the ring. It’s this stage that truly makes the end result shine.

-In this case, a rhodium finish was added after the polishing process.

Hand making each part of the ring in 18ct white gold

Once assembled, each hole is drilled in the top of the setting...

...and also in the under bezel and shoulders

Starting the setting process, diamonds followed by the Aqua Marine

Once all setting and polishing is completed... final product

A view from another angle. Lots of sparkle!

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