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Bespoke Multi Stone Set Diamond Ring

-A client came to us after searching online for ‘best bespoke jeweller in Kent’. They hadn’t been to us before but after a brief discussion they trusted us to make a very special 40th birthday present.

-Our client had an initial design in mind, we created this on our computer aided design programme. We also created some of our own versions of the design so that the end result could be unique.

-We emailed all of our design ideas to our client so she wasn’t under any pressure to decide whilst in our shop. After deciding in the comfort of her own home, she pointed out her favourite.

-As we had already designed the ring on our computer aided design programme, we then emailed the file off to be cast in our preferred material.

-We soon received the casting, with all the settings pre drilled, ready for setting.

-Martin hand set all of the diamonds and finally hand polished.  

Martins four design ideas for our client

The chosen design, a computer generated image

After pre polishing the mount he carefully sets each diamond

The finished ring set with round brilliant and princess cut diamonds

A side view

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