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Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring

-Our client previously had some existing items of jewellery remodelled and made into cufflinks by us and she still had items left over that needed remodelling. One of the items was a beautiful oval sky blue topaz.

-After a chat with her, she knew she wanted to have a ring made with the blue topaz being the main feature of the ring. We were to melt down some white gold rings and use this material as the band/shank of the ring. She also had a few small diamonds, these were to be set in each shoulder. We were to return any left over diamonds and yellow gold for a possible future project.

-We looked at a few ring designs that she liked and came up with the best one to work with what materials she had.

-Firstly Martin unset the diamonds that were to be used, he then melted down the white gold rings and made the shank, we then ordered a ready cast white gold setting for the blue topaz, this was cheaper compared to Martin hand making one.

-The next step was to solder the setting to the shank and drill the holes in the shoulders for the eight diamonds.

-After a pre polish Martin began to set the diamonds followed by the blue topaz.

-A final polish and rhodium completed the ring.

Our client's jewellery to remodel into a new ring

The ready made setting for the blue topaz

The remodelled white gold as the shank, soldered to the setting

The completed blue topaz and diamond ring

Another view of the completed ring design

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