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A CAD Designed BMW Motorbike Trophy

- Silver BMW, not a normal request, but we enjoyed the process from start to finish, especially as it was to be used as a memorial trophy for the Army.

-We were told that the trophy needed to be a version of a BMW motorbike so the first thing we did was choose a BMW K1300R. Due to the immense detail needed and the budget we had to work to, we obtained a 3d computer aided design template to begin with. We worked on top of the template, changing dimensions, the overall weight of the bike and also turning the computer aided model into a file that could be cast in Silver in two pieces. Once we had the go ahead after emailing a render of the model, complete with base and plaques, it was time to find a company to cast the bike.


-Once we found a company who could cast the bike at the size we required, we then received the bike cast in silver and in two parts. It was then time to solder the parts together and hand polish.


-Finishing touches were then added to the bike, a personalised number plate and an oxidised finish to high light the detail.


-Finally we mounted it onto a display plinth together with engraved plaques.

Our computer aided design rendered as if it were a photograph

This is how our design arrived to us cast in sterling silver

Both halves of the motor bike being soldered together by Martin

Polishing the motor bike, followed by adding detail by hand

Our completed motor bike trophy with plinth and engraved plaques

A close up view showcasing Martins eye for detail

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