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CAD Designed Engagement Ring

-Initially our client had no idea what she wanted as her engagement ring but after a short chat, we knew we were going to aim for a sapphire and diamond ring, created in a white material. The central stone was going to be a sapphire with small diamonds surrounding it. There was the possibility that diamonds and sapphires would be set down the sides. The first challenge was to find the right sapphire, we knew all the stones within the design were to be square and the sapphires were to be a deep but bright blue.

-After a few sapphires were viewed, our client fell in love with a particular stone. As we then knew the size of the main stone, every other element of the design could be planned and the computer design created.

-The CAD design built by Martin was perfect, no changes were required and therefore the file was emailed over to the company that casts our designs. The ring was to be made in palladium.

-It was time to order the princess cut diamonds and match up some small sapphires to the colour of the main sapphire.

-Once the cast ring mount, small diamonds and sapphires arrived, Martin pre polished the ring and began the setting process.

-Each stone was positioned into place and the palladium was pushed fully around each stone.

-Once fully set, the final stage was to polish.

The CAD design that we presented to our client

The cast design in palladium.Top view

The cast design, now showing the back view

The chosen sapphire's and diamond's with the cast ring mount

Martin setting the centre sapphire

The completed sapphire and diamond ring

Another view of the one off bespoke ring design

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