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CAD Redesigned Remodel

-A sapphire and diamond cluster ring that had been enjoyed for many years but unfortunately it now needed a bit of strengthening on the band and setting, plus a diamond needed replacing. Our customer visited with her ring and showed us an idea of the style she liked for her sapphire and diamonds to be reset in. It was to be a band ring with two grooves, the stones were to be set in individual rub over settings but the arrangement was up to us to decide.

-After measuring the stones we then created some computer designs for her to view and compare. She was undecided on what colour gold to have so we showed her the designs in yellow and white gold.

-Here we have shown a few of the design ideas, that’s the great advantage with computer design software, you can make as many changes as you need until the design is perfect.

-Once the design was chosen and the metal colour was also selected, it was time to cast the design.

-We have an out worker cast our computer designs but once the mount arrived to us it was time for Martin to set the stones and polish the completed ring.

- A great choice and such a transformation from the original cluster ring.

The original damaged ring to be remodelled

Initial computer design in yellow gold

Now showing it in white gold

Another arrangement of stones

Now for a white gold version

Another design, the preferred arrangement

Showing our customer the prefered design in white gold

The chosen design, the completed ring

Side on view showing the grooved detail

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