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CAD Designed Wedding Rings

-This couple wanted bling, bespoke one off CAD produced wedding rings is what was required after seeing our website.

-After a brief discussion with Martin, the gents wedding ring design was decided and after Martin studied her engagement ring he then came up with two possible designs for the ladies wedding ring. All designs were quickly sketched out in front of them.

-The next step was to create computer aided designs for both ring’s and once Martin had completed these we emailed them over to our client’s. They were very happy with them.

-We ordered princess cut diamonds for the gents ring and a small selection of different size and quality emerald cut diamonds for the ladies. They were able to come and view the diamonds to see if any were suitable.

-There was a particular emerald cut diamond that shone out from the rest so this was perfect for the central diamond within the ladies ring. The princess cut diamonds were also perfect for the gents wedding band. It was then decided that princess cut diamonds were going to be set either side of the emerald cut diamond. These were then ordered.

-Martin adjusted the CAD models to ensure the chosen diamonds would be a perfect fit. Once adjusted, it was time to cast the designs in the required material.

-After the hallmarked rings arrived, they were set by Martin.

-The final stage was to polish both rings and add a chamfer to the edges of the gents wedding ring.  

Martin's designs built on our Matrix programme

The rings cast in wax first

The actual rings cast in white gold

All of the diamonds to be set within both rings

Martin completing the hand setting process

The completed gents wedding ring

A side view of the completed gents wedding ring

The completed ladies wedding ring

A side view of the completed ladies wedding ring

Both completed rings

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