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Diamond Set Pendant / Earring Set

-Three rings, no longer worn, just sat in the safe! Time to remodel them into a pendant and earring set. We knew this was what our client wanted but we wasn’t sure of the actual setting style or overall design.

-After looking through our catalogues, our client liked a particular style, a two colour design with a slight drop for both pendant and earrings.

-She was already supplying the yellow gold, but had no white gold. It was therefore cost effective for us to buy in ready made settings for the diamonds that Martin would adapt into the look she required.

-After the three diamonds were unset from the ring mount, the gold rings were then melted down and combined into one small block of gold. The gold was then separated into what would form each earring and the pendant top.

-Next, the ready made white gold settings were cut into the style originally seen in our catalogue and then soldered to the newly formed yellow gold pieces.

-The gold posts were then soldered to the top reverse of the earrings.

-Finally the diamonds were set into place and the set was polished with a rhodium finish being applied to the white gold settings.

-To complete this beautiful set, the pendant was hung on a gold snake chain.

A selection of rings to be redesigned

Ready made cast settings, cheaper than us hand making them

The original rings now melted down and made into the desired shape

The settings soldered into place, ready for setting

The set and polished pendant and earring set

Completed with a 9ct gold snake chain. Beautiful!

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