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CAD Designed Amber & Diamond Ring

-After our client saw a ring designed by Martin being worn, we were then asked to make an amber and diamond creation using the original idea as a starting point.

-Firstly Martin sketched out a design, keeping the original idea in mind but making a few changes so this too was a unique piece.

-It was now time to search for the amber, this proved to be the most time consuming part, after ordering many pieces of amber, we finally came across a piece that was the right colour and quality. Unfortunately it was wider than we needed.

-Martin built two designs on the computer, one showing the wider piece of amber in place and one if we were to slim the amber width down.

-Once our client saw the images and decided to go with the slimmer amber option, it was time to reduce the amber width, Martin did this himself.

-Once we received the design cast in palladium, Martin pre polished it and set eight diamonds into the frame work around the amber.

-Finally Martin set the piece of amber in the centre and completed a final polish.

Martin sketches a design for our client

Martin designs the ring on the computer and renders a photo

A render showing the side detailing of the ring

Once the design arrives, it's pre polished

After the diamonds are set it's time to set the amber

Completed amber and diamond ring made in palladium

A side view revealing sculptured detailing

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