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Diamonds As A Bling Ring

-Our client visited with a diamond stud and halo setting. She wanted the earring to be made into a new ring design. We had just the design in mind and luckily we had a silver stock ring in our window for her to view.

-She loved the design as it kept the layout in a similar halo style but it added lots of extra bling down the shoulders.

-Even tho we had the silver sample, we created a computer design for her to view. The design showed her larger diamond to the centre set with her smaller diamonds around it. We then supplied two extra side diamonds and many smaller diamonds for the three row shoulders.

-She opted for platinum (lucky lady) and once the casting of the mount arrived to us, it was then time for Martin to set all of the diamonds and polish the completed ring.

-The end result was amazing, we loved her reaction and we love seeing it again when she visits for her setting check.

A silver stock ring that our client loved

Her diamond stud earring and new diamonds to form the ring design

Martins computer design based on the silver stock ring

The platinum casting of our own ring design

Martin setting the diamonds

The completed platinum and diamond ring

A side on view

Beautifully set

Three row diamond set shoulders

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