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Engagement Rings - Bespoke Or Ready Made

-Planning on popping the question? Are you choosing this important ring yourself or is your Fiancee helping choose her own engagement ring? Whatever your requirements and budget, we will work with you to ensure that the finished piece is exactly what your loved one desires.

-We are able to provide you with a selection of designs to choose from, alternatively we can order in ready made rings. Unset ring mounts are also available to view, this option allows you to choose the style and cut of diamond / gemstone that will be set into the mount.

-If you would like something unique then why not design your own ring? We can help you do this and also order in a selection of stones for you to choose from. 

-With the option of viewing ring designs from brochures or by us building computer aided designs for you to preview, tweak and choose from. We can offer a wide variety of design styles. We can supply the majority of diamond cuts and qualities as well as a huge selection of coloured gemstones. All stones are available to view with no obligation.

-If you already have a design in mind, then please visit us with any photographs and design specifications. This will help us work out our cost to make a similar mount.

Design Sketch

Martins design, a computer rendered image

Also a computer render showing the detail under the head

The ring cast in 18ct, the chosen aquamarine and diamonds

A mixture of welding and soldering the parts together

Setting diamonds around the head, under bezel and shoulders

Final part of setting, the central aquamarine

After polishing and applying rhodium, the completed ring

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