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Existing Diamonds Remodelled

-Our client was recommended by a family member who had previously remodelled her own diamonds with us.

-We looked at the selection of stone sizes that were available to use in a new ring design. After a short discussion with her, Martin had sketched out a couple of ‘bling’ ring ideas. The next stage was for Martin to build these on his computer aided design programme, this would help her visualise each idea and help her decide which one was perfect for her.

-Our client loved one of them and decided this is what her diamonds would be made into, the ring would be made of 18ct white gold.

-After the diamonds had been unset, the white gold from the old jewellery was sold and this part paid for the new bespoke ring mount.

-Once the casting of Martins design arrived, he pre polished it and soldered the two parts together. He then began the setting process.

-Martin started with the shoulder diamonds, followed by the diamonds that framed the centre stone. Lastly he set the large round brilliant cut diamond into place.

-Once all of the diamonds were set, Martin tidied up the surrounding area and the final process was to polish. Once completed we provided our client with a complimentary valuation.

Our client's diamonds to be unset and reused

Our computer aided designs created by Martin

The chosen design, now cast in 18ct white gold

Martin soldering the two cast parts together

Setting the central diamond

The completed bespoke ring design

Another view of the completed ring

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