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Hand Made Diamond Set Band Ring

-We were presented with two bands and two diamond set rings and asked to help design a new single ring design incorporating the three diamonds and all of the yellow gold and platinum from the existing rings.

-Very quickly Martin created a design that our client loved, because there was more yellow gold than platinum it was decided that the yellow material would form the base band of the design. A little bit of new platinum would be added to the old to form enough to make individual settings for each diamond and also some edge wires to be soldered to the edge of the yellow band.

-Firstly Martin unset the diamonds and combined all of the yellow gold and made the band ring.

-Next he combined the old and new platinum and made each rub over setting for the diamonds and the wires for the edges.

-The settings and wires were soldered to the band before the diamonds were set. Martin pre polished the ring mount and then began to set the stones.

-The only thing left to do was to apply a final polish.

Our client's existing jewellery to be transformed into a new ring design

The diamonds unset and yellow gold combined into a single band

All platinum combined to form the settings and edge wires

The assembled ring before the diamonds are set

The completed diamond set band ring

Another view of the finished ring

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