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Handmade Diamond Ring

-Firstly our client gave us a selection of rings that they didn’t wear, after a chat with Martin an initial design idea was ready to be built via the computer aided design software.

-Once Martin had built the design on the computer, a computer generated picture was emailed to our client. This design wasn’t to her taste so after another chat Martin modified the design.

-Another picture was emailed and and after a few tweak’s the design was then finalised.

-Martin began making the ring by unsetting any existing diamonds in the old jewellery, he then melted down all yellow material to form the main body of the  new ring. Settings for each diamond were made next and soldered onto the gold band, these were arranged at different heights and in specific places so that the ring wasn’t symmetrical.

-Platinum twisted wires were soldered onto the band, this split the ring into three main sections.

-Once Martin had set the five diamonds he then pre polished the ring.

-The final stage was to create a textured background on the outer two sections of the ring and to leave the central area highly polished.

Our client's selection of jewellery to use in the new design

The initial design built by Martin

The second and chosen design for the new ring

Another view

A side on view showing the twisted 'ribbon' like platinum wires

The completed ring

A side view of the completed ring

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