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A Handmade Gold Bangle

-Our client asked us to melt down their old broken and unwearable pieces of jewellery and combine them into a single bangle. Originally we were going to melt and make a wavy bangle shape but due to the material cracking whilst being worked into the wave, it was decided that we would need a new design which required less bending of the gold.

-The client’s really liked a silver bangle we had in stock at the time so after a brief discussion it was decided we would form the gold into that design, this style didn’t require as much bending of the gold therefore it was less likely to crack.

-After our client had seen the cracking in the gold, Martin then melted the gold once more and tried to rework it into the new design. This was successful and no cracking appeared, which would therefore enable Martin to achieve a highly polished and smooth finish.

-Once the two sections of the bangle were made, they were then soldered together to create the overlapping effect.

-Finally the bangle was polished.

Our client's selection of jewellery to melt down

Martin beginning the melting down process

The completed bangle, a solid twisted torque design

A side on view of the completed bangle

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