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Handmade Sapphire Pendant

-We were presented with a gold opal and sapphire ring which was to be transformed into a heart shaped pendant, excluding the use of the opal.

-After a brief discussion with our client, Martin drew a sketch of the heart pendant design to show her how the finished item was going to look. It was to be an open heart with the sapphires set all the way around. A solid loop would be added to the top for the chain to run through.

-Once the design was agreed it was then time to unset all sixteen sapphires followed by the opal. The opal was put to one side ready to return to our client.

-Next the original ring setting was melted down and formed into a heart shape. All sapphires were to be used and this determined the overall size of the heart shape.

-The heart was made in two parts, the main body of the pendant and also the under bezel which would be positioned below the setting.

-Once both parts were made, they were then soldered together and the pendant was pre polished.

-The next step was to set each sapphire and to complete a final polish.

The original opal and sapphire ring to form a heart pendant

The unset sapphires and the original mount melted down

The gold made into the heart pendant parts

Martin completing the setting process

The finished handmade sapphire heart pendant

Another view of the completed design

A side view of the heart pendant

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