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Mercer Pendant / Brooch

-Approached by a new client to design and make a pendant/ brooch for The Mercer Company, London.

-After Martin was given the brief and background history of the company it was time for Martin’s artistic and innovative imagination to run wild.

-Over a period of time Martin created the item on our computer aided design programme. A couple of versions were created and once one had been selected, the next step was to have the parts cast in our desired metal.

-Once we received the cast parts, Martin then pre polished each part and started to assemble, this involved soldering parts together, one by one.

-Instead of pearls being placed on top of the crown, diamonds were hand set instead.

-As the item was to be used as a brooch and pendant, depending on the function, Martin solder his handmade brooch fittings to the reverse. A bespoke loop to the top was also made and a mechanism was created to enable it to be clipped on or taken off.

-The final stage was to add all pearls to the outer frame.

Initial design built on the computer by Martin

Second design built on the computer design programme

All parts cast in 9ct gold, time to prepare them for polishing

Once polished, all parts are ready for assembling

Once diamonds are set and pearls are added, the finished product

A side view shows off the removeable pendant loop and the brooch fitting

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