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A CAD Designed, Personalised Wedding Band


-One of our regular clients loves designing individual items of jewellery, so why would he then have a standard wedding ring? He didn’t, instead he worked with Martin and designed his own.

-After a discussion and Martin then putting thoughts to paper, he decided on a wide band, personalised with his wife to be’s name- JADE, fleu-de-ly detail and some round brilliant cut diamonds. Martin designed the ring on his computer and rendered a photo of what the finished ring would look like.

-Once the wax version of the ring arrived and all proportions and detailing were correct, it was then time to cast it in 9ct gold.

-Once the casting arrived, Martin pre polished the ring, hand set the diamonds and added textured detail to the lower levels of the ring, creating a contrast between the textured and polished areas.

-A final polish was all that was required to complete this one off personalised wedding ring. A design that will stand up to wear for a life time.  

Thoughts on paper, the initial design sketch

A computer generated design built by Martin using CAD CAM

A wax of the design to preview thickness and width

Finished ring, set with diamonds and a textured background

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