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CAD Designed Princess Cut Diamond Ring



-Design inspiration was taken from a description given to us by our customer. Martin then built three designs on our Matrix design programme. All three were to include twelve princess cut diamonds, set in the same style of setting. The overall width was to be no wider than 8/9mm and they were to all include raised outer edges and two grooves running around the central lower band, these were to be placed each side of the diamond set area’s.

-Once a design was chosen, we had it cast in 18ct white gold. The casting arrived in three parts, a central band and outer edges.

-Martin set the twelve diamonds first, followed by creating the deep engraved lines each side of the diamonds.

-It was then time to assemble the three parts, creating one band ring. He did this by welding from the inside and then securing with solder.

-Finally the ring was polished and a rhodium finish was applied.

A computer generated photo of Martins' first design

A computer generated photo of Martins' second design

A computer generated photo of Martins' third design

The three seperate parts of the ring, already set by Martin

Sitting all parts together, checking how the final ring will look

The completed ring, with grooves, front view

A side view of the ring

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