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Remodelled Stones

-We were presented with two rings containing one emerald and a selection of diamonds. These were to be combined into a new design but our client wasn’t sure if the emerald should be used as it was very worn.

-Firstly we created two design options, one with the emerald and one with out. Both designs were lovely but very different from one another.

-Our client favoured the emerald and diamond creation and we did too. We suggested to her that maybe we should have her emerald specially polished as this would improve the overall appearance of the new ring. She agreed and we sent the emerald to our stone polisher. In the mean time the setting was made.

-We melted down her metal to create the base of the ring and therefore we supplied new metal for the top section. When the bespoke setting arrived Martin assembled the two parts.

-The final process was to set the newly polished emerald and diamonds.

-What a simple yet effective design choice.

Our clients two rings to be transformed into a new single ring design

Two computer designs for our client to compare

The chosen design, completed and set with her newly polished emerald

A side on view

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