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Remodelled Engagement Ring

-Previous customers of ours had recommended family members to come and see what we could do for them.

-They had an emerald and diamond engagement ring but wanted to remodel it into a new design. Something that was ‘chunkier’ than their original, we were to reuse the emerald, six diamonds and original material if possible.

-Martin sketched out a design in front of our clients, they liked the celtic design and left the engagement ring with us so we could provide them with an estimate.

-Once we had the go ahead, we ordered in a chunky 18ct gold band ring which would form the structure of the design.

-Martin worked on top of the band ring, sculpting and piercing a celtic design. He melted down the original ring mount and this was shaped into the emerald rub over style setting.

-The setting was soldered into place and the diamonds were then set, three diamonds per side, set into the centre of each celtic wave. A solid section was left at the base of the ring, this would make future sizing easier as the pattern wouldn’t need to be disrupted.

-After the ring was pre polished, Martin set the emerald into the rub over setting.

-A final polish completed the ring.

The original engagement ring and new band ring

Martin engraved the first stage of detailing on to the band

The original ring mount is formed into the emerald setting

Completing the celtic shape by carving the detail

Time to set the diamonds and emerald

The completed emerald and diamond ring

A side view showing the hallmarked inner base

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