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Remodelled Gem Collection

-Our new client walked into our premises with an assortment of jewellery they no longer wanted to wear, they liked the idea of creating a large unique ring design with some of the stones and were happy to reuse their material or to have the ring made out of new.

-Once the stones had been measured, Martin quickly sketched his initial idea… she instantly loved it. But even tho our client loved the sketch, Martin still wanted to build the design on his computer programme, this would enable her to fully understand the design and make any changes before it was made.

-Due to the cost of having the design hand made out of old gold, it was cost effective to scarp this against the cost of having the design cast in new material. Doing it this way she had the option of having the ring made in white or yellow gold. She opted for white gold.

-Once cast, the ring mount arrived to us in two parts. Martin cleaned these up and then soldered the parts together. Now combined to form one complete ring mount, it was time to start setting.

-Martin set all the diamonds first, then the oval amethyst stones, followed by the central citrine.

-A final polish and rhodium completed this amazing design. A real eye catcher!

Martins initial design idea, built by him on the computer

The design cast in 9ct white gold

The completed ring design. Top view

Another view of the completed ring

A side view, showing the different levels to the ring

Back view

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