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Remodelled Gold & Blue Topaz

-This Client knew exactly what she wanted, she even brought a photograph in of the exact design. We were able to use her own gold but she needed a central stone to create the design.

-An oval blue topaz was the stone of her choice but she wasn’t sure what size was needed to create an impact when worn. We ordered a couple of blue topaz stones in to show her in different sizes, once she saw them she selected the biggest!

-First Martin melted down and combined both rings she had left with us. He made a flat sheet and from this he cut out the heart shaped shoulders and plain, slim shank. He then bent this into a ring shape.

-Next he melted the remainder of the sheet and cut outs from the middle of the hearts, he made the setting for the blue topaz. He also made the main structure of the setting and then soldered each claw, one at a time.

-The heart detailed band was then soldered onto each side of the claw setting and the ring mount was pre polished.

-After the initial polish, Martin set the blue topaz with the six claws and then gave the completed ring a final polish.

Our client's old rings and a new oval Blue Topaz

The old gold handmade into the new ring mount for the Topaz

Another view of the unfinished mount

The remodelled gold into a blue Topaz ring

Another view of the completed ring

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