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Remodelled Gold Into Cufflinks

-A selection of sentimental jewellery was presented to us and we were asked to turn it into two pairs of cufflinks. After a discussion with the client, Martin helped come up with a knott design where a scattering of diamonds would be a feature across each knott.

-After an estimate had been forwarded on to our client and we had received the ‘go ahead’, the first step was to unset any stones from the items and to then melt down all of the gold.

-It was important to use all of the diamonds across the four individual cufflinks and each pair had to be as equal as possible. We therefore measured and weighed each diamond and separated them into two equal groups.

-To make the knott design to the front of each cufflink the gold was formed into rings, there were to be three rings per knott. Once these were made they were assembled and then soldered together. More gold was made into flat rectangular bars and these were used as the back of each cufflink.

-Settings for the diamonds were to be made next, gold was formed into a tube the right size for each diamond. The settings were then soldered into position on the knott and the middle of each setting was drilled away ready for the setting process.

-After a pre polish to the cufflinks the diamonds were then set. A tidy up of the settings and a final polish completed the making process.

A mixture of sentimental jewellery

The gold melted down to form two pairs on knott cufflinks

The assembled cufflinks

A completed pair of cufflinks

Both pairs matching and set with diamonds

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