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Remodelled Gold & Stones

-We love all of our customers but we really love having a customer who has a firm idea of what they require. In this case we were commissioned to hand make a cluster ring, much bigger than your average! Our customer had all of the materials required to achieve the design so all we had to do was create a computer design to make sure we were fulfilling her requirements and for Martin to then hand make the cluster.

-She loved our computer generated image and gave the go ahead to have her gold melted down and stones set within the cluster design.

-The diamonds were unset from the original ring mounts and the gold was melted down. The time consuming part was to make the cluster top. Firstly a small sheet of gold was formed, Martin then cut away the outline of the top section and then drilled out each hole to take the diamonds. The under bezel was made next, Martin cut away each opening and shaped the plate to form a basket. The bezel for the centre stone was also made and soldered to the top section. The last part to make was the plain band, this was then soldered to the sides of the basket.

-Finally each stone was set and the completed cluster ring was polished.

Gold, garnet and diamonds to become one ring

The cluster top

Hand making the under bezel

The inner bezel formed and the garnet tested for size

The assembled ring mount

Time to set the diamonds

Preparing the centre setting

Finally setting the garnet

The completed cluster ring


Side on view of the cluster

Another view showing off the under bezel detail

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