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Remodelled Gold & Stones

–We love a romantic man! One of our regular customers visited us with a request for a bespoke pendant that must contain an emerald for a special anniversary, their 55th! We asked him if he had any gold that could be used to create the design. He returned with a selection of sentimental items as well as two diamond rings that had great importance. It was time for us to create a selection of pendant designs incorporating some of the gold, the pear shape and round brilliant cut diamonds from the two rings and not forgetting the new emerald/emeralds.

-We created a small selection of ideas, our client visited again but with his Daughter this time, if the pendant wasn’t to his wife’s taste then the daughter was getting the blame, ha. The right design was obvious to us and we were delighted when they both agreed.

-We made a small tweak to the design whilst they were in the shop, we added three more diamonds to match their round stone. It was then agreed that this was the design with us supplying a nice quality pear shaped emerald. We ordered a selection of emeralds in for them to view and they chose the best quality option.

-Luckily they had the perfect chain to support the heavy gold pendant.

-Even tho we created the design on the computer Martin was then to melt down their gold and hand make the design. The image here shows the gold sections before they are assembled, set and polished.

-It was a delight to present her surprise anniversary present to her when she visited….. She had no idea and absolutely loved it.

Our client's sentimental jewellery

A computer design for our client to view

Another design, keeping with the theme

Here was the chosen shape for the pendant

A little adjustment, more diamonds and the design is finalised

The gold melted down and the parts handmade

The completed emerald and diamond pendant

Beautiful, one off, handmade pendant

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