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Remodelled Jewellery Into A Bangle



-A mixture of chains, rings, a pendant and bangle were to be melted down and made into a one off torque bangle design. Martin likes to have a chat with all of his clients whilst he designs something for them and in this case our client loved the first idea that Martin came up with.

-Rubies and a diamond were to be set within a white gold plate whilst the customers gold was to create a wrap around effect.

-Firstly the gold was meted down, martin shaped the gold into the wrap around torque shape. We supplied some white gold and this was made into a plate that fitted perfectly into the centre of the wrap around bangle body.

-Once the white gold plate was soldered into place, the diamond was set into the centre and was soon surrounded by rubies.

-The final stage was to polish the bangle.

Old gold and stones to be used

The gold formed into the main bangle shape

The completed bangle

Another View

What a transformation!

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