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Remodelled Jewellery Into A New Ring


-Remodelling existing jewellery is something we love to do, it’s great to hear and see the reaction of a client when we present them with a new unique item of jewellery made from what they originally brought in to us.

-In this case, we started with a plain band, a diamond set ring and an emerald and diamond cluster ring.

-Martin drew out his initial idea, our client loved it and we began to make the new item combining all parts of the original pieces.

-The wide band was sized and reused, the yellow gold band was melted down and edge wires were formed out of the gold. The emerald and diamond setting was retained and used as the central part of the new ring. The left over diamonds from the ring that was now the edge wires, were set each side of the emerald and diamond setting.

-The final process was to check over the settings, as the central part wasn’t our original work. Then to hand polish.

-The end result, a unique emerald and diamond ring.

Our client's jewellery to be transformed in to the new ring

Inspiration taken from the original pieces, design sketch

Remodelled jewellery as the new ring

Side view

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