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Remodelled Jewellery Into Two Rings

-We were presented with a mixture of old rings and diamonds varying in size. We were asked if we could transform them into two rings that could be worn together as an engagement and wedding ring.

-There was an obvious diamond that was going to be used as the central diamond for the engagement ring, the other diamonds were to be used in the shoulders of the same ring and also set around the wedding band.

-First Martin combined the yellow material from the rings and made a basic band. He also did the same with the white gold material.

-We ordered a ready cast setting for the large diamond as this was cheaper than hand making one. This was then soldered onto the yellow gold band and Martin set the diamond. Next the band was tapered either side of the setting.

-The seven diamonds were equally spaced around the white gold band and were set flush into the surface. These diamonds were taken from a cluster ring.

-To help the rings look like a set, Martin added white gold shoulders to the engagement ring, this cancelled out some of the yellow gold from being seen when worn. To the shoulders Martin set two diamonds per side.

-The final stage was to polish both rings.

The original diamonds and old ring mount

All yellow gold combined to form a band ring

All white gold combined to form a band ring

The cast setting soldered into place

Ready for the white gold shoulders to be added and set

Shoulders now added. The white gold band set

The completed new rings

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