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Remodelled Sapphires & Diamonds

-Our client came to see us with three sapphire and diamond rings, they were to be combined into a single ring design if possible. After a little chat with Martin and pen to paper, Martin came up with a unique design, it was agreed that one of the sapphires would be left out due to it compromising the overall completed look.

-The next step was to unset all sapphires and diamonds and to melt down the material from the old rings. White gold was separated from the yellow before the melt.

-Martin formed the material into individual settings for the larger diamonds and both sapphires. These were then joined by the use of Martins welding machine.

-Once the settings became one complete piece, the band/shank of the ring was handmade into the correct shape and soldered each side of the settings.

-Martin next started to set the larger stones into their rubover style collets. As our client had some small diamonds to be used within the design, Martin drilled some holes into one of the shoulders and set these into place.

-The final stage was to polish the ring and apply a rhodium finish to the white gold settings.

-Our client was very pleased with her new sapphire and diamond ring.  

Our client's sapphire and diamond rings

Welding the settings together

The settings as one piece and the yellow gold to form the band

The yellow gold formed into a band, soldered into place

Setting the larger stones into their rubover collets

The ring before the small diamonds are set into the shoulder

Martin drilling the holes for the small diamonds

The completed sapphire and diamond ring

Another view of the completed ring

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