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Remodelled Silver & Stones

-An assortment of silver jewellery was to become a bangle, it was important to use all of the stones within the design and after a brief discussion with our client a design was firmly in mind. We had discussed the overall bangle width, the wrist measurement to ensure a snug fit, the layout of stones and the overall silver finish.

-The majority of the silver was meted down and formed into a solid wide torque design. To this, stones were to be arranged across the top. The centre stone was a beautiful piece of turquoise, originally worn as a ring in a claw setting. We decided the claw setting wouldn’t be suitable for use on the bangle and therefore made a ‘rubover’ setting instead. Moonstone and lapis earrings were to sit either side of the turquoise, the original settings for these stones were perfect as they were and Martin soldered these straight onto the bangle.

-Once all settings/stones were soldered into position, the final thing to do was polish the bangle. The bangle wasn’t going to have any brushed/textured finish, just a nice shiny surface.

A mixture of silver and stone set items

The silver formed into a bangle shape

Seeing how the stones would look once soldered into place

The completed design

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