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Ruby & Diamond Pendant

-A regular customer of ours fell in love with a silver, amethyst and peridot pendant that was for sale in our showroom but she wanted this in gold and for it to be set with rubies and diamonds.

-Martin sketched a design, based on the silver example and explained where each stone could be set. We had a beautiful pear shaped ruby already in stock which our customer loved, this became the focal point of the design and the other stones were placed around this.

- To make this particular shape of pendant Martin started with 2mm square gold wire and ready made settings that were the perfect size to support each stone. The wire was shaped into the twisted loop design.

-The next step was to place all settings into the pendant, once in position they were soldered to the gold wire.

-The smaller stones were set first, followed by the pear shaped ruby. The final thing to do was to polish the completed pendant.

-Mid way through the making process our customer decided she would actually prefer white gold to yellow but due to the timing we all agreed that to achieve the white finish, the pendant would be rhodium plated.

A stock pendant for us to base our design on

A sketch, metal and stones to form the pendant

Ready cast settings for the ruby and diamonds

Martin forming the gold into the desired shape

The pendant before setting

The completed ruby and diamond pendant

The pendant hanging on a white gold chain

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