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Remodelled Two Tone Gold Chain

-This commission is a great example of how important and cost effective it is to recycle old jewellery you no longer wear.

-A regular customer visited one morning and showed us a two colour necklace that she no longer wanted. Initially she thought of selling it and using the money to pay towards having a ring made. We suggested to her that it would be cost effective for her to have the chain melted down and transformed into the ring, rather than her buying new expensive yellow and white gold. She was frilled with the idea.

-After a brief discussion and a search online, she really liked a particular two colour band ring which had a hammered finish and outer edge wires. We estimated that there was enough gold in her chain to make this. We provided her with an estimate and once she gave us the go ahead the yellow and white gold chain was cut up and separated.

-The white gold was melted down and Martin made a simple band which he applied a hammered finish to.

-The yellow gold was made into wires, two plain and two twisted, these remained polished and were soldered into place either side of the white gold band.

-Our client was amazed with the completed ring and couldn’t believe it was made from her gold necklace.

Our client's two colour gold chain

Separating the two colours, ready to melt down

The white gold now a band and the yellow now made into a strip

The band now hammered and the yellow gold formed into wires

Wires complete, ready to be soldered into place

The completed ring design

Another view of the completed band ring

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