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Remounted Diamonds Into White Gold

-Two sparkly diamond rings in yellow gold. They were to be changed into two new ring designs, this time in white gold mounts.

-Martin and our client’s discussed different options, Martin drew a couple of sketches and the designs were decided. The diamonds were measured and this enabled us to provide exact costs to remount the stones into their new settings.

-The next step was to order the cast ring parts that would be used to create the new ring mounts.

-Once these arrived the diamonds were unset from their original settings and the old ring mounts were put to one side.

-Firstly the seven diamonds were set into the basic cast ring. Once set in to the surface, the setting edge and grain surround was created by Martin.

-Next the single stone diamond ring was assembled. The ready cast setting and twisted shank were soldered together after the shank wrap around had been adjusted to the correct angle and height. Then the diamond was set.

-At this stage our client came and tried on both rings to check the finger size was correct. They fitted perfectly.

-The final stage was to polish and rhodium both rings.

All diamonds in their original settings

The basic cast ring mount to be used for 7 of the diamonds

The cast setting and twisted shank for the single large diamond

After the diamonds are set and detailing is added

Single stone assembled and set

The completed new white gold rings

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