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Jewellery Repairs

Carried Out In Our Onsite Workshop

-An important part of our family business is jewellery repairs. From broken chains, claws missing from settings, worn bands on rings and broken clasps, all of these items can be repaired in our onsite workshop. 

-As Martin works on our premises you have peace of mind that your item/items will not leave us. We are able to complete repairs with a quick turn around time providing our workload isn't full at the particular time you contact us. Where possible we would appreciate a time of no less than one week for any collections, but, if this is inconvenient for you, we would try our very best to complete the service within a week. This includes ring sizing (up and down), new clasps, soldering on charms and other basic repairs. For items that you do not wish to be without for a long time, we can arrange with you a future date that you would leave your item/items with us. This would then enable us to complete them for the next day or for a couple of days turnaround .

-We repair all jewellery items in all metals, (except for costume), we will explain what the repair entails and we will quote a price for the repair before we start, giving you the choice as to whether we go ahead or not. If you have been told elsewhere that an item is beyond repair, please don’t give up, ask us. With Martins’ skills & knowledge it is unlikely that something can't be done for you.

-We always provide an honest and high quality service but, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your repair, we will redo this for you at no extra cost. We guarantee all of our repairs.

-If you are in a rush, it is always a good idea to call us before you visit so that we can estimate in advance, when your repair is likely to be ready for you.

Our Onsite workshop Services
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