-As well as supplying stones we also provide an onsite setting service. Martin is an expert setter and guarantees all of the stones that are set by him. We do ask that the settings are looked after and any signs of damage caused by the wearer wouldn't be the responsibility of the original setting procedure. 

-From repairing an item of jewellery where one of your stones has fallen out, to setting a large quantity in a one off bespoke piece, Martin can help.


-Not only does Martin reset any stone in a worn item of jewellery, but he also looks at why it came out in the first place. His care and attention to detail, along with his skills and experience enable him to carry out a strong and skillful repair that will last for years. He can strengthen settings by building up worn claws, also known as re tipping. If the setting is too worn and costly to rebuild, we would forward on an estimate to supply a brand new setting.

-If you have stones currently set within sentimental pieces of jewellery or any loose stones, and would like an item of jewellery made with them, we can help you design a unique piece. Martin will explain different types of settings and advise you on what method would be best for your design and your day to day wear.