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Rhodium Plating


-Another service that we carry out on our premises is rhodium plating. We are able to re-rhodium items, the most popular item to re-rhodium is a ring. Over time the existing finish wears off and on white gold rings a yellowish tinge starts to appear, we simply re-polish and re-rhodium the whole item.

-If you have yellow gold rings, earrings and pendants, and you now like the look of white gold, we are able to add a rhodium finish covering the whole item, creating the look of white gold. This way you can enjoy wearing them again.

-A rhodium finish doesn’t last forever, we are very generous with our coating but over time, especially on rings, the finish will wear away. You can always have the rhodium added again at any time and, if you decide you no longer like the white appearance, we can polish the rhodium away to turn your items back to their original colour. We will only do this on items where we have applied the Rhodium.

-To mention again, a rhodium finish isn't permanent.

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