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Ring Removal

-We are often asked to remove customers rings that are too tight and uncomfortable. We have a ring cutter, we position the base section of the cutter underneath your ring band and proceed to turn the handle so that the cutter works its way through the band. We do this slowly and gently to ensure you're comfortable. If the band is far too tight or extra chunky then this may take longer to remove but usually it only takes a few minutes.

-Once the base of your ring is cut, the ring cutter is removed and we use pliers to open up the band so that it can easily come off of your finger. 

-We return your ring to you or you're welcome to leave it with us until your finger has settled and you would like to have it repaired/resized. We recommend leaving two to three weeks minimum between the ring being cut off to your finger being remeasured for the repair/resizing. This is so that your finger has time to adjust and if there was any swelling due to the tightness of the ring, then this would of hopefully gone down. We can then repair/resize your ring as if it had never been cut off.

-We don't charge for our ring removal service.

Our Onsite workshop Services
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