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CAD Designed Sapphire & Diamond Ring

-Initially our client left a silver ring with us and asked us to email costs to make it in white metals, to set a sapphire in the centre and possibly diamonds in the shoulders.

-After a few emails and estimating the cost to design and produce this in various materials, our client chose palladium, set with a sapphire centre and diamond set shoulders.

-We ordered a variety of blue sapphires and asked our client to come along and choose their favourite.

-The next stage was for Martin to build the design on our Matrix design programme, once completed we emailed a few views of the design over.

-Once we had the ok, we had our design cast in palladium and hallmarked. Once it arrived Martin cleaned up the casting and began setting the diamonds.

-After setting all of the diamonds, Martin set the sapphire.

-The final stage was to hand and machine polish.

A computer generated image of the design by Martin

Another view, this is also a computer render

The casting part set by Martin

Setting the final diamonds, followed by the central sapphire

The completed sapphire & diamond ring

Another view of the completed ring

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